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For a PDF copy of the Sunday Congress Program please click here. [PDF 325KB]

For a PDF copy of the Event Matrix please click here. [PDF 325KB]


The theme for the 2013 Congress is Celebrating 75 Years






as Advocates

This topic stream includes issues on which physicians exert influence, both directly and indirectly, to change policies, attitudes and behaviours on critical heath issues.  The issues relate to the patients, populations and cohorts for which physicians advocate on behalf of, as well as physicians and trainees. Physicians as advocates also encompasses their influencing and communicating about areas such as humanitarian and emergency health issues, bioethics, health cultures, as well as health policies and systems.



as Clinical Leaders

This topic stream includes issues about quality and safety of patient care and professionalism for physicians to optimise patient outcomes. Issues include education and training and communication about matters of patient safety and quality and medico-legal issues.  In addition to their clinical practice, clinical leadership encompasses physicians providing strategic direction and communication about areas such as humanitarian and emergency health issues, bioethics, health cultures, as well as health policies and systems.




as Educators

This topic/stream provides a range of sessions to support supervisors in their role educating trainees in healthcare settings throughout Australia and New Zealand.  Sessions also explore benefits of taking on the Educator role to the physicians own learning and professional practice.

The role of Physicians as Educators is fundamental to the renewal and growth of the profession through supporting trainees to learn the craft.  It also contributes at an individual level to the improvement of the Educator’s own professional practice.  There is no more profound way to learn than to teach.


of the Future

This topic/stream will cover Medical Education Directions, Workforce and Medical Horizons.  Sessions will cover effecting change and improvement in the health of the community and determinants of health locally and abroad, both in Australia and New Zealand.


as Medical Experts

This topic/steam will include Scientific Updates, Master Classes and the RACP Best of Grand Rounds.  The sessions are to focus on a defined scope of practice and on demonstrating appropriate diagnostic, therapeutic and procedural skills for better patient and community outcomes.


Physicians’ Performance
 and Professionalism

This topic/stream will include the modules designed for the RACP’s Supporting Physicians’ Professionalism and Performance (SPPP) framework, which recognises that medical expertise and excellence in physician practice must be underpinned by performance.


in Research

This topic/stream will include both the RACP Trainee research Awards and other world-class research that is making an impact and bringing major benefits to the economic and social wellbeing of both Australians and the global community.


in the Workplace

This topic/stream will include Occupational and Environmental Medicine, and the effects of work on health and health on work.  Sessions will include the full range of workplace and environmental hazards (chemical, physical, biological & psychosocial), associated risks of exposure, and any adverse impact on biological health.

 For a PDF copy of the Physicians in the Workplace Program please click here. [ PDF 364KB]

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Trainee Workshop Programs

For a PDF copy of the Basic Trainee Workshop Program please click here. [ PDF 36.8KB]

For a PDF copy of the Advanced Trainee Workshop Program please click here. [PDF 37.2KB] 

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AFOEM Annual Training Meeting

Friday 24 – Sunday 26 May 2013
Friday 08:00–17:30 hrs *(Registration from 07:30 hrs)
Saturday: 08:00–17:30 hrs 
Sunday: 08:00–15:30 hrs
Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre

Cost: The AFOEM Annual Training Meetings are  only available to AFOEM Trainees and inclusive of worksite visits, meeting materials, lunch, morning and afternoon teas (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and attendance at the College Ceremony Reception (Sunday) 

AFOEM Program

For a PDF copy of the AFOEM Program please click here. [PDF 926KB]

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 AFOEM Annual Training Meeting – Supervisor 

Sunday 26 May 2013, 11:30–15:00 hrs
Perth Convention and  Exhibition Centre

Cost: The AFOEM Annual Training Meeting – Supervisor  Workshop is only available to AFOEM Trainees and  Supervisors. The  Workshop is inclusive of workshop materials, lunch and attendance at the College Ceremony Reception.

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